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Snyder Industries Inc

About us Founded in 1957, Snyder Industries has grown to become a recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of plastic bulk storage, processing and transportation tank systems. Our engineered bulk handling container solutions incorporate seamless, polyethylene tank constructions produced through the latest technologies within the rotational molding process. Snyder Tanks are molded with a variety of polyethylene materials, including FDA and NSF 61 approved high-density (HDLPE) and cross-linked high-density (XLPE) resins. Snyder Industries’ tank engineering team is responsible for a multitude of poly tank processing and design patents, which are utilized to produce plastic tank solutions that exceed the safety and performance requirements of our customers at the lowest possible cost. In addition to our broad proprietary product line of poly tanks and containers, Snyder Industries is also a unique resource for select custom molding applications that require a high degree of engineering and manufacturing expertise within the rotational molding process to develop large durable plastic products. We at Snyder Industries look forward to serving your company in the months and years ahead. Feel free to browse our site and Contact Us at your convenience for information that would assist you learning more about Snyder Industries and how we can help your company.