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Quality Living

Quality Living, Inc., a not-for-profit corporation, opened its doors to begin providing specialized rehabilitation services in 1990. Dedicated to the unbridled pursuit of excellence, QLI’s outstanding staff, exceptional facilities, and innovative clinical program have combined to make QLI one of the nation’s premiere providers of services to individuals with brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or severe physical disabilities. With a mission-driven orientation to service, QLI has combined the best of medicine and education to create a nationally recognized and highly effective approach to the process of rehabilitation.

Employment Opportunities

Quality Living, Inc. is an aggressive and dynamic company dedicated to a focused mission of promoting purpose, privacy, dignity, and independence for individuals with disabilities. QLI recognizes the importance of finding and retaining excellent staff. Each employee strives to create a corporate culture that supports our mission-based philosophy and clinical programming.

The corporate culture at QLI greatly values employees who exhibit a positive attitude, take pride in the mission of our company, consistently maintain courtesy and civility when dealing with others, and desire to maintain high standards. Employees who are open to new learning opportunities and are willing to "pitch in" when and where most needed are assured success at QLI.

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