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Red Curtain

New Life Events an Omaha-based non-profit organization that uses live entertainment and live events that are free to the public.

We have designed a unique format where we create a community experience educating attendees how to leave empowered to make new choices, act accordingly and equipping them with resources necessary to bring change.

We use our pubic forum to...

• Bridge relationships and education through resource-filled entertainment • Bridge communities and cultures together for support and healing • Bridge civic and public leaders together as change agents with vision and leadership • Bridge local resources together to connect them to those people need them the most • Bridge a more global view of issues to the local populations by valuing the diversity in the midst • Bridge knowledge where these issues they come from and what can be done to overcome them • Bridge hope to those hurt, lost and scared. All of our areas of focus naturally align with: • Health (mental and physical) • Wealth(poverty awareness and cures) • Culture(diversity and empathy)