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Banyan Medical Systems


The BANYAN story was started in 2008 when a group of medical professionals and clinicians got together with a shared vision – to streamline data, making it more convenient and accessible in any healthcare setting.?

BANYAN is a dynamic Digital-Healthcare company that is transforming healthcare delivery through its revolutionary care delivery platform. Our company is made up of energetic, accountable, and highly self-motivated people.

Our Why

Many of us have professional backgrounds in healthcare and have seen firsthand how inefficient and broken the healthcare can be. We’ve come to BANYAN to design solutions that lead the way in the successful transformation of healthcare delivery. We love what we do and the value it brings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to realize the successful transformation of healthcare, when:  healthcare providers will operate at the top of their licenses, patients will have world-class care, and health systems will exceed today’s financial requirements and sustainably thrive. 

What We Do

We design, develop, implement and support Healthcare Software and Services Solutions that represent the future tense of what's possible in healthcare delivery.  

How We Do It

BANYAN’s Aura Platform is revolutionary care delivery platform that gives patients, their loved ones, and the entire care-team a critical new dimension of on-demand care. With one touch of a smart screen they have access to a virtual care provider who can answer questions, provide education, review records or x-rays, and coordinate facetime with the patient’s doctor. This frees up front-line nurses to do what they do best – provide exceptional, uninterrupted, hands-on patient care. A new day, and peace of mind, for patients.

The Value We Bring

BANYAN’s Virtual Care Platform is transforming healthcare delivery through quantifiable results in: Capital Avoidance, Operational savings, Staffing utilization, Patient Satisfaction, and Clinical Outcomes.

Our Core Values

Innovation:  Emphasis on Innovation and Commitment to World Class Healthcare Solutions

Dedication:  Dedication to Client Success and Service – Whatever it Takes

        Dedication to Banyan Team Member Success

Excellence:   Technical and Professional Excellence

Reliability:    Tradition of Reliability – No Excuses


Our Core Tenants

We wake up every day knowing we’ve built a better way to deliver care. The core tenants found in every product we produce are Access, Coordination, Collaboration, and Education