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Creighton is a Jesuit University, rooted in the Catholic tradition. We live, work, and operate true to our mission, with a passion for learning and a zeal for making a difference in our world. With...

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Creighton is a Jesuit University, rooted in the Catholic tradition. We live, work, and operate true to our mission, with a passion for learning and a zeal for making a difference in our world.

With more than 6700 students of diverse faiths and races, with over 50 undergraduate and 20 graduate academic programs, Creighton continues it’s commitment to excellence in educating students, patient care and medical research.

As a comprehensive university, we have diverse and varied professionals at Creighton. This includes faculty, staff, health sciences professions, researchers, and many others. This variety and complexity challenges conventional staffing process and strategies.


This is a crucial time of transition in your life, when you leave behind the carefree times of childhood and seek for yourself a future of purpose and satisfaction, as well as enjoyment.

In this moment, listen to your parents, for they have trod the path you now will walk. Listen to your friends and counselors; their questions will help lead you to your answers. But when you choose the college you will attend and make those vital career and life choices, listen to your own heart and head, too.

You may not be Catholic, although more than 60 percent of our students are, but you can see a Creighton University difference the moment you set foot on campus. It is Creighton’s commitment to your spiritual growth, expressed in the beautiful St. John’s Church, a centerpiece of the main campus.

Our academic standards are rigorous. They will prepare you for life. For many years, Creighton has been ranked among the nation’s best.

We invite you to come and see why.


We poll our students regularly, so we know that Creighton’s small size, academic diversity, and academic reputation, coupled with the preference we give our own undergraduates for entrance into our professional schools, are reasons our students choose Creighton.

With more than 40 majors, plus the professional disciplines of law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and allied health, and nursing, as well as a graduate school, Creighton attracts a great variety of people. For more than seven years, Creighton has been ranked among the top comprehensive universities in the Midwestern region by U.S. News and World Report magazine, frequently being ranked first in the areas of academic reputation and faculty resources. It has been similarly rated a top value based on its cost and educational strength by Money magazine and others. And it has been recognized by the Temple Foundation for imbuing its students with "strong moral character."

In 1993, the Creighton rate of graduation for all students who entered in the fall of 1987 was 67% (including students entering Creighton professional schools).


For more than four centuries, the Jesuit teaching order of Catholic priests (Society of Jesus) has consisted of educators of the first rank. Their educational preparation consists of a dozen years or more seeking the knowledge they pass on to their students. The Jesuits bring an added dimension to their teaching. Creighton is assiduous in providing a values-centered education to all students. For example, the issue of ethics is not paid simple lip service. It is a planned and significant part of the curriculum, including a specific number of hours infused into the courses of every college and school in the university. But there is even more. By their very presence, these confident and learned men inspire others to achieve the highest of ideals, the most serious of studious endeavors. They make clear the association between the pursuit of education and a higher purpose in life.

Underlying it all is the support system available to Creighton students through Campus Ministry, which presents a Christian-oriented, but essentially interdenominational experience for you. Both Jesuits and non-Jesuits are part of the Campus Ministry program.

More than 70 Jesuits reside at Creighton, and they are supported by lay persons, ministers of other faiths, rabbis, and other religious chaplains. Fifteen chaplains live in residence halls. Everything from retreats to projects in Appalachia and in Latin America are available to Creighton students through Campus Ministry.


In the College of Arts and Sciences, you are first assigned to a Freshman Seminar with a small group of fellow students. Two student leaders join the faculty adviser for the weekly sessions so that you will have the viewpoints of faculty, students and your peers to help guide you. The Freshman Seminar carries one semester hour of credit. Your seminar leader be your academic adviser until you are accepted by your major department, usually by the end of your sophomore year. At that time, you will be assigned a major adviser. How many majors are there? The College of Arts and Sciences offers 37 major fields of study. Most degrees are Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science, but specialized degrees are also available in such fields as atmospheric sciences, chemistry, fine arts, mathematics, physics, sociology, and social work.

The Bachelor’s Degree program consists of three essential elements: the Core Curriculum, the Major Program of Study, and Elective Courses. In the College of Arts and Sciences, the bachelor’s degree requires a minimum of 128 semester hours, including 48 hours in courses numbered 300 or above. Students must complete a minimum of 49 hours in the Core Curriculum. Core courses address fundamental concepts, values and methods of scholarly inquiry and intellectual debate. They develop the general critical, ethical, analytical and expressive skills that are essential tools of educated persons. Core courses are rooted in fundamental Jesuit values and educational heritage.

The Core Curriculum focuses on five areas:
  • Theology, Philosophy and Ethics
  • Cultures, Ideas and Civilizations
  • Natural Science
  • Social and Behavioral Science
  • Skills


A degree from the Eugene C. Epply College of Business Administration means more than a rudimentary knowledge of business. You’ll also achieve a broad background in the liberal arts to foster communication skills. There is a strong emphasis on ethics and moral values throughout the curriculum.

We encourage our students to complete internships in their chosen fields for hands-on experience beyond the classroom doors. Students majoring in business have opportunities for study a broad in a variety of locations (a must for International Business major).

Creighton is building tomorrow’s business leaders today.

All business administration programs are accredited by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business.

Eight Major Areas:
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • International Business
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Pre-Law*
  • Management Information Systems
You can continue in Creighton’s Graduate Business Programs and earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA), or a Master of Computer Systems Management (MCSM). The same faculty who teach graduate courses teach at the undergraduate level as well. Courses are taught by professors, not graduate students. Ninety-five percent of he full-time Business Administration faculty hold doctorate or other terminal degrees in their fields.

* The College of Business Administration also has a specialized pre-law program called the 3/3. Students enter the School of Law after their third year in Business Administration, and earn both a BSBA and a JD (Juris Doctor) in a six year period. Professional and Graduate Schools.


We offer Master’s Degrees in Atmospheric Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Business Administration, Christian Spirituality, Computer Science, Computer Systems Management, Counseling, Elementary-School of Administration, Secondary School of Administration, English, International Relations, Mathematics, Medical Microbiology, Ministry, Nursing, Pharmacology, Physics, and Theology. We also offer Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Biomedical Sciences, Medical Microbiology, and Pharmacology.


Human Resources
Creighton University
2500 California Plaza
Omaha, NE. 68178
phone: (402) 280-2709
fax: (402) 280-5516

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2500 California Plaza, Omaha, NE 68178 United States

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Creighton University's students share a unique bond. Together with faculty and staff, they form a passionate community in which they are driven to do more, challenged to make a positive change.