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Accelerate your hiring and increase your response rates by 2.5x with our, simple to use, recruiting automation solution
As a Talent Engagement Partner you can combine and leverage candidate pool data from your ATS, Premium Candidate Search, and Careerlink's Resume Database to drive impressive response rates through 2-way automated communication workflows designed to identify candidates and fill positions faster.
Expand Your Talent Pool
As a Talent Engagement Partner you can
leverage Careerlink's Resume Database
search and download candidates using our Premium Candidate Search with over 750 million profiles from websites such as LinkedIn, Github, and Indeed
securely and privately, upload your past candidates into Careerlink where this information can be added to your private candidate pools and will only be available to your firm
All of this data will be analyzed, cleaned, and de-duplicated across the millions of job seekers in our database to form a larger, more relevant, and bespoke candidate pool for your recruiting needs.
You are reaching out to only those candidates that are relevant and open to opportunities with your organization
An outreach campaign will be created to clean your candidate data and capture job seeker interests and communications preferences related to your company.
You can better communicate with relevant candidates at scale in an automated fashion
Your Account Manager will assist you in organizing your new, expanded and cleansed candidate pool into tagged audiences.
Automate Recruiting and HR Processes
Easily setup workflows that automate…
Job alerts
to the relevant audiences to gauge candidate interest and interact via their preferred method
Short surveys
to pre-qualify interested candidates
Schedule interviews
with qualified candidates
Reduce no-shows
with reminder texts and emails to candidates
NPS survey
to measure new hire satisfaction
ATS integration
to sync data back to your system of record
Centralize Communications
Simplify SMS communications at your organization by assigning a unique phone number to each recruiter
Reduce data risks and centralize SMS based conversations so they are preserved for the company rather than sitting on personal cell phones
Easy to use interface allows for seamless recruiter communication with audiences or individual candidates
Analytics that Matter
Understand candidate pool size and engagement by audience
Clearly see how you are engaging with audiences by role
Understand which audiences are growing or shrinking in terms of population and engagement
Automated Workflows
Create powerful workflow automations that drive candidate engagement and fill jobs faster by notifying and pre-qualifying candidates for specific roles. Your organization will also be amazed at your ability to keep passive candidates interested in your company and the rewards that can reap in recruiting.
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