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Sandhills Global, Inc.

Sandhills Global, Inc. dynamic environment allows for exciting opportunities.

Founded in 1978, Sandhills Global, Inc. serves the trucking, agriculture, construction, heavy machinery, aviation, and technology industries with a diverse range of products and services from well-established trade publications and websites to hosted technology services customized to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, Sandhills’ facilities include an on-site printing press, bindery, and state-of-the-art data center (as well as a geographically disparate redundant data center in Scottsdale, Arizona). Five international office locations are backed by decades of experience and the continuous investment in the most cutting-edge technologies, making Sandhills a global leader in the respective industries it serves.

As new and innovative technologies contribute to efficiency and productivity, it’s the employees, the work ethic, and the culture that define Sandhills Global, Inc. The company fosters an environment of openness to creativity, growth, and innovation. Individuals who are dedicated and hardworking really thrive in Sandhills Global, Inc.'s unique environment.

Sandhills Global, Inc. has Career and Internship oppournities in a variety of areas - Information Technology, Software Development, Sales, Marketing, Website Design, Operations, Human Resources and more.  Positions with Sandhills offer competitive pay and benefits, professional development, travel opporunities and more.  Visit our website today to learn more.